Nothing is forever the same- another generalisation of the universe I have.

Even in the gloomiest of times or antithetical brightest of times, foremost generalisation would be the unanimous aspiration for happiness. Dwelling in sheer physical torment or hostility might expound pleasure on a particular person, while some preoccupying themselves with a dejected and remorseful feeling for whatever reasons may even be trying to analyse them or not  yet everything eventually for a sense of satisfaction or pleasure in whatever they act.

Whatever, terminology varies and manipulates with according to situation and time, still definition is the intact pursuit of happiness.

Chasing after happiness that has led us nowhere but to misfortune and disaster and these words too I believe has become too time-worn cliché that nowadays neither affect nor shake any of us to the core for a better change. True, it is human to have faults but it is also humans who learn from mistakes and share the basic feeling of virtues such as love, empathy and forgiveness- needed for a better world. These words, I consider broad words, where hatred has to surrender and love has to win and all societal norms of revenge and oppression conceded and propelled from one’s mind. The words themselves contrary have also become cliché usage from mouth resembling nothing but mere dried out simple words dribbling in squandering lavish manner where practicality plays only occasional role.



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An old lady went fetching groceries for her home and amidst the bustling market, she witnessed a carriage van, congested full of hens and cocks. She knew they were going to be slaughtered and immediately folded her hands murmuring prayers for the animals.

“Om mane pad me hung”

She belonged to a Tibetan Buddhist family and was inculcated with teachings similar to Buddhist ethos.

She continued with her seemingly daunting business of grocery shopping.

Soon, she got everything she needed and left for her home. From her home market was about few miles journey and she always walked except sometimes she was given lifts on vehicles. This time she walked.


She reached her home late. The sun already setting with its yellowish adieu, the stars and moon blurred ly initiating their glittering usual show. She started preparing her dinner. Almost finished, she readied her table, set to have her dinner, chicken curry.