Futile thoughts(or are they?)

Basic human intrinsic character is curiosity; at least I believe it is.  The mind that human is endowed with is always thinking of something, whether useful or not, is another matter depending on each persons perception rather than conventionally branded as one(good and useful thinking/ wasteful thinking).                                                                                      Educational institutions and degree system(within such structure) indoctrinates and brain washes us with its doctrines and people programmed from such system (everyone of us) subscribe to such doctrines as reference point or as center holding all definitions- a close dictionary synonymous.  It is a crazy system excluding those who haven’t been programmed into such system of education as illiterate and as someone who is not able to think or even as someone who is not having the intrinsic human curiosity and ability to understand. Therefore given lower position in structure of capitalist society and lower preference to opinions (so called uneducated people). They are then automatically earning the least (economically weaker), given least social weightage(also when it comes to intellectual discourse) becoming socially weaker and hence, culturally low morale because their cultures are also defined and judged by so called “educated” people or people from upper strata.

Whereas government using various decentralized institutions (included within the government) choose to stay silent in situations that needs voicing of voices. Also these capitalist institutions and companies in power act very neutral as if they are part and workings of the same structure as we are and that they are not to be blamed but they (multi national capitalist institutions and companies) not wanting to loose their privilege and power exerts their dominance via multiple influences and indirect controlling. More blatantly, via unfair means creating a barricade towards creation of just and equal society.

Those in lowest of political pyramid system structure can do better critiquing and attacking of such institutions because of their exclusion and discrimination and I believe real situations teaches you greater deal than texts and theories, for eventually we need to deal everything in practical terms and not theoretically.

The structure existing itself, whether good or bad, cannot be deciphered until and unless we will have in depth information about workings of particular government or system. Societal system stops us from such unconventional thinking, maybe it is afraid that such voicing of opinions and free thinking will lead to revelation of holes existing within the structure that will reveal all obscure violence within the system arming masses with power to fight the structure.

In order to create a just society, freethinking is must.We are told to free think while we are taught not to free think. Even in college admissions, we are judged first by our marks than later comes other conventional filtering judgmental parameters.Therefore, it is very important that we create social theories even from our partial knowledge, while remaining very open to questioning and possibilities of intellectual discourse eventually improving the theory.

The very notion of justice is also something our human civilization has created and therefore forms as a part of our system and should be open for change and debate . However some basic concepts of justice should be there so that basic human society will not turn into chaos and coercion. No matter however we may try we are slave to conventional routine of life.  My  following as possible a proper syntactical structure system in expressing my opinions via language is also a part of conventional rule under language commandments yet some of these rules can be manipulated for intellectual use in creation of more progressive society.

People are too disciplined and brainwashed with conventional workings of the world. People are terrorized with concepts of hell and heaven. People are terrorized with commandments and people are terrorized with capitalist market workings. If one do not get educated(I call it manufactured) within this educational system and society, one will eventually be  unemployed because one is not capable of working within this structure, therefore, causing various issues within such person, like depression, low self esteem, financial problems et cetera.

People are forgetting that people just like us, years before have formed such system with ideological revolution. People in such structure are given no space and time to discuss such things, and are discouraged from such reasoning and even, people are terrorized indirectly via various demagogic means.


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