Panchen Lama(from youngest political prisoner) turns 27.

The only picture world has of him (Panchen Lama Gendun Choekyi Nyima-the one held captive) was hung for everyone to see today on the lawn. It was a sad moment, much teary eyed; the atmosphere was melancholic…

A boy got abducted after he was recognised as the reincarnation of previous Panchen Lama. This little boy was conferred religious name Gendun Choekyi Nyima by H.H the Dalai Lama through the only existing picture that Tibetans still use on his every birthday.  He is still missing and with utter sadness and remorse, every Tibetan remembers him on his birthday (today) every year (25th of April).

Since illegal Chinese occupation of Tibet, many Tibetans have fled alongside Dalai Lama and many have followed since. Into exile, these Tibetan refugees have built their home. Monasteries(where Tibetan lives revolved) are also reconstructed. One such monastery(Tashi Lhunpo monastery:Panchen Lama’s seat monastery) in Shigatse is also built in southern India.                                                                                               I remember watching a video of monks from Tashi Lhunpo monastery (one in exile). Immediately after the recognition of the boy these monks gets very excited and prepare to receive him. Like stereotypical Tibetan, these monks also starts connecting everything happening around them with auspiciousness except to their disappointment, the young recognised boy from Nagchu Dzong never arrived and was never seen neither in Television nor alive. The Tashi Lhunpo Monastery, both inside and outside Tibet are waiting for his arrival, even now.

This case of abduction (clearly reflect ongoing regime inside Tibet) includes all minority groups and even Han Chinese(Liu Xiao Bao and even Ai Wei Wei was once abducted), yet this boy of six, abducted since has never been seen again. Today he is turning 27. Maybe he is roaming around the streets of Beijing. Maybe he is held captive somewhere. Maybe he is ignorant of the huge issue surrounding him (probably because he is not informed), or maybe he is already dead.

He (Panchen Lama incarnate) is even replaced by someone else, chosen by Chinese Government. Recently, China also started documenting living Buddha Database; ironically Dalai Lama is not included. China is already planning to dictate Tibetan Buddhist custom of reincarnation after Dalai Lama’s death.

“This living Buddha database and the whole policy toward reincarnation is clearly a pre-emptive move by the government to control what happens after this Dalai Lama,” said a spokesperson from Amnesty International.

Sure, North Korea is a dreadful place with dreadful human rights violation. The United States of America is even taunting and mocking North Korea almost all the time. “The Interview” starring James Franco and Seth Rogen, initial idea was to mock Chinese regime. Eventually failing against China’s resentment and afraid of disappointing large Chinese Hollywood market the crew turned towards North Korea (of course).

According to South Korean Intelligence Service (NIS), it appears North Korea’s cyber attacks were committed under China’s tacit consent, if not actual supervision. NIS described seven North Korean hacking organisations and a network of spies operating in China. It is also claimed that there are about 1,700 North Korean hackers and 4,200 supporting agents active in China. That number is said to be increasing.”                           From Jamyang Norbu’s Blog Shadow Tibet

The US is just an example. Many prominent power-holding nations bow to China’s hard, soft and structural might. Although this might sound cliché (yet casting aside generalisation), economy over morality is sad but a blatant truth about the world, where people are getting abducted out of nowhere,  burning themselves, still governments are chilled out- sounds all too great (scoffs.)

China who claims to follow Communism (even attaching the tag while evoking ruling party’s name-Communist Party of China).The very Marxian ideal of egalitarian societal vision is missing, even right to free think. People are taught and told to follow particular curriculum devoid of reasoning.

We sadly live in a complex netted world, where policies are more important than humanity.



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