Sad about setting of the sun

‘I have been assigned this horrendous task to write something romantic for the publishing house and here at 3:00’ clock in the morning I am still very much on my desk figuring out what to write. Blatant, I have not been in any relationship where I  felt like I could sleep with one person without any hesitation for the rest of my life and love her indefinitely till death. For me vow is a big thing and I cannot vouch for incompetence.’ The thought itself tired Ngawang , outside the street puffing cigarette smoke for some relief yet still wearisome he came back to his apartment.

His monthly allowance is finishing soon. He needs something to feed his stomach. An opportunity knocking on the door has the ability to make him self reliant and popular; only if he rocks with his fiction.

He is a long forgotten writer, his debut book attracted spotlights only to vanish after years. Writing is a tough job; physically; mentally; emotionally and is resonated from his desk. His desk is chaos. Gulping and puffing, he is always asleep on his desk and often carries himself to his bed (quite some hours later when he wakes up dizzy). There are buds of cigarettes’ inside ashtray; most smoked halfway through.

Whiskey and Rum bottles are prevalent substance in his room and this hasn’t lost its significance on his desk either.

Today is no different.  After returning from puffing a cigarette beside the streets, he made himself an icy whiskey and started writing something yet his head soon stumbled and he was sound asleep.

Sunrays reflecting from the window gradually irritated his sleep and awakened him. He quickly stood up to unroll curtains when suddenly that exact moment her thought intruded his mind.

Her words lingered. He started remembering her telling him that sunshine makes her happy, cheers her up and(eventually) the setting of sun saddening her. This thought itself made him leave the curtains as it were. He stared at the sun remembering her. The seemingly horrendous task of writing romantic fiction seemed too shallow suddenly and urgency easily settled.

What made him leave her and what made her lose him? Her thought occupied him time to time through various incidences. Although they annulled their relationship years ago, he already knew too much about her. He left her years ago because he didn’t want her to hurt him in anyway or in his better excused words; in his eyes he wanted her to remain that beautiful girl he first met as, he didn’t want to see her change into worse or as he was afraid of.


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